Blogging For Success

Blogs play an incredibly important role for companies today. I refer to your blog(s) as a slice of your online real estate that does so much for your business… awareness building, relationship building and online presence building.

With all of that being said, the MAIN reason I love to use blogs is to increase search engine traffic!  That’s what I specialize in, website SEO!  The blog(s) that you implement are more than a simple public relations component to your business. When executed correctly, your blog(s) will rank for specifically targeted keywords and will drive more website traffic to your main website.

Here are my blog marketing services:

Blogging Strategy & WordPress Set-Up

Before you jump into blogging, you need a blog strategy and I help create this strategy for you. During our meeting, we identify your business needs and then build goals for the blog. During this session, we figure out your blogging “voice” and determine the measurements to determine success.

We identify your main message incorporating keywords from our keyword research. This message is reinforced throughout your blog posts in the appropriate tags, titles, pictures, etc. This is the real value in having my SEO skills at your disposal.

I take care of recommending the appropriate hosting platform, installing the blog software, configuring it for security and search engine optimization, installing the correct plugins, installing the best blog template, making sure your blog is backed up and much more.

My installation services also include the configuration of your blog for optimum search engine exposure, ensuring that it is noticed by all the search engines for the correct keywords and relevancy to your niche.

I also provide training videos on how to log in and administer your blog. Additionally, you get a one-on-one training session with me to walk you through back-end systems. Don’t worry… it is not that difficult! I taught my daughter how to blog at the age of 12.

First The Blog, Then The Blogging…

I don’t set up your blog and then throw you into the deep end… that’d be cruel!  We work together on the first couple of blog posts so that I can coach and instruct you on the best practices of blogging for maximum results.  During this session, we work on fine tuning your “voice” and style.

I also provide you with tips and ideas on how to find great content so that you’ll always have blogging material.

Once you are comfortable with your blogging style and skills, I release you on the world! At that time, I get your blog submitted to the major blog directories as well as the search engines. I also configure your RSS feed and discuss how to obtain links from other blogs for maximum exposure.

Measure Your Success

In order to know how well you are doing, you need to be able to measure your progress. I install website traffic tools to monitoring statistics such as number of unique visitors, length of time on blog, top entry pages, top exit pages, bounce rate, and more. Don’t worry… I’ll explain all of these metrics.

Having a good understanding of these statistics will help you to understand your return on investment for your blog.

Contact Me

When you are ready to get started with your blog, contact me by email: info (at) or phone: 610.471.0001.