Keywords and the Most Common Mistakes You Can Make

1.  Not taking into consideration the lingo of your target customers.
Oftentimes there is a disconnect between the words that you use to describe your business versus the words that your customers use. These descriptive words are important since they are the kew words that customers will use to find you on the Internet. Don’t beat your self up over this, heck… we are all guilty of slipping into our industry jargon. For example, you’re a deli making sandwiches.  Do your customers buy “subs”, “hoagies”, “grinders”, “hero” or “submarine sandwiches”?  Do some niches use different terminology than others? How about geographical variations? What are the best words to target, resulting in the highest search marketing ROI?

2.  Assuming that higher sales come from the words with the most search volume.
Sit down for this one… This is rarely true!  The reality is, high search volume keywords are oftentimes highly competitive making it much harder for you to succeed and become noticed.  Also, these keywords tend to not be “buying” key words. I’ll let you in an SEO secret… “long tail” search phrases typically yield higher conversion rates. What I mean by “long tail” keywords are phrases that are made up of multiple words, many times 3, 4, 5 words or more. Take into consideration a roofing company who has top search rankings for “roof repair Philadelphia PA”.  Yes, this phrase may only generate a few searches a day but the roofer that is ranking for this term and converting that traffic into sales is having an explosive business!

When it comes to keywords and analysis, I offer types of services:

The Quickie: A Keyword Assessment Check Report

This service is targeted to the DIY’er, the business owner who is building and maintaining their own website(s). You may know the keywords that you are targeting but you’re not sure how to prioritize them or how much traffic these search phrases generate. This service works like this:

1) We have a phone or Skype conversation and you supply me with your top 5 search or keyword phrases.

2) Each keyword phrase is run through 2 different keyword analysis tools. Why 2 different analysis tools? Each one has a unique algorithm that generates results for comparison.

3) I provide you with reports that contain your original 5 search terms, additional terms and all the their variations. included in this listing is the estimated search volume. This process may result in hundreds of search phrases, but please note that I do not prune the results.

4) I pass the ball to you.

The Quickie is inexpensive and fast (i.e. the name). This small investment is absolutely worth it to to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

The Not-So-Quickie Keyword Analysis & Silo Report

Business owners typically are targeting more than one audience. Consequently, there is a need to multiple niche-based keyword groupings. This service is designed to handle such cases.

I provide a practical understanding of what is required to attain top search engine rankings and a sound understanding of what the best search phrases and terms are for your niche(s)

Here is the breakdown of this package:

1: We have a telephone conversation to identify your target audience and customer base. We will also discuss your business goals and the conversion that you would like to attain on your website. During this conversation, you give me your domain name and ten (10) search phrases that you want to target, regardless of wether you are actively targeting them already. If you are not sure of these phrases, that’s ok. We’ll flush it out on the call.

2: I analyze your website, or website concept if you don’t have an active site. I also identify the top competing websites for your search phrases.  Armed with this information, I will let you know what it will require to beat your competition. Knowing how to win and what it’ll take is important, correct?

3: I generate a list of approximately 200-400 search phrases or keywords. I do this by utilizing multiple keyword analysis tools. While I am analyzing your keywords, I look for hidden gems that have less competition with higher probability of conversion, i.e. better search engine optimization success for your website.

4: Then, I categorize your best keywords into a search engine friendly hierarchy, or “silo”. My Siloing strategy organizes your website into an optimum format for search engines.

5: I send you the report and we have a follow up phone conversation to discuss my findings.

Need Help?

When you have decided to do your search phrase and keyword analysis, call me at 610.471.0001 or email me: info (at) This is one of the most critical steps. You want to make sure that the keywords being exploited are the best ones for your website!