Link Building, a Necessary Component for Success!

Inbound links to your website is one of the most import search engine optimization ranking factors. Search engines measure a website’s popularity based on the quality and quantity of links pointing to your website. There are many factors that are taking into consideration and one point of emphasis is that quantity is not always better. In fact, high quality, relevant links far out weigh quantity! Having a sustainable, stream of quality links coming to your website is crucial.

Search engines like Google place enormous emphasis on relevancy, quality and authority when it comes to ranking websites. Basically, getting “real”, “honest” and “relevant” websites to link to your website is the key. You might be asking, why? Think of it like this – your website gains credibility when another credible website links to it. Each of these credible links is like having a “power vote” and the more “power votes” you get to your site, the more your site gains in authority status. In other words, your website become credible in the eyes of Google. And the bottom line is… Google rewards credible, authority websites with top search engine rankings.

Link Building Strategies

I offer a service where I create linking strategies for your website where we obtain relevant & quality links form other sites.

I begin by assessing your current situation and taking a look at the inbound links that you already have. I also look at your competitor’s websites to determine what quality links they have and I compare your site to the competition.

Then, I create multiple linking plans and prioritize them for maximum effect. Industry competitiveness will dictate the types of linking and depth of the linking plans that will be required. Another factor that plays into my linking strategies are the age of your website, other marketing plans you have running, website redesigns or simple website ongoing authority maintenance.

Ongoing, sustainable link building is always incorporated into my linking strategies to provide enduring search engine optimization results for your website.

Ready To Start Building Links?

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